Weight: Unknown…I’m on holiday!

“Respect for right conduct is felt by every body.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 40, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Unknown…will weigh in next week and see what has happened.

Shake Your Booty

Back to my exercising and feel a load better for it and I’ve done a lot of walking over the past few days in Madrid…let’s see what the scales say next weekend!

What I’m Up Too…

Had my hair cut and coloured on Friday…gotta colour those greys in…have finally gone short short…it only took 3 cuts but Nicole suggested going shorter with each visit rather than scaring me with a short haircut on the first attempt and me never returning (she knows me to well including my fanny issues…I always waddle in like a penguin to get my hair cut a few days after an operation…it’s become a standing joke between us)

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 40, 2017

…and I love having short hair!  Still can’t do a selfie to save myself!

G and I are in Spain this weekend…we’ve just spent the last two days in Madrid and are picking up a rental car tomorrow morning and heading out for a Spanish Tiki Tour which I’m looking forward to.

Spain Travel Inspiration - yellow building and balcony in Madrid during Autumn

Not too sure what to make of Madrid to be honest…we arrived in the middle of a peaceful demonstration..businesses were closed and the streets packed…it was much better today.  I have to agree with G, we both much prefer Seville to Barcelona and Madrid.

Spain Travel Inspiration - artwork on buildings in Madrid

I did fall in love with a Mid Century poster today…at 400 euros it’s staying in Madrid…but oh my goodness, I loved it!

Henry the Dalmatian has found a new home…he’s gone to live with a 6 month old Springer called Willow…I do miss him, I didn’t think I would but at the same time it’s nice not having to shoo away a dog who wants to sniff your fanny every 10 seconds when you have your period.  One of the girls at work was having a giggle with me over this on Friday…she said you can always spot a woman who has a period walking a dog…the dog is constantly trying to sniff her fanny.

Change of direction from talking about a fanny…loved this article on Minimalism today.

Not sure why the word “fanny” has popped up so frequently today…might change the title of these posts to “The Fanny Diaries”.

Anyway enough of my babbling; has everyone had a lovely weekend?


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Weight: 94.2 kgs

“Badly done, Emma!” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 39, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

And we’ve gone down again…slightly hormonal again (more than slightly as G went out and bought me a chocolate bar to go with my cereal this morning to try and get me out of my grumpy mood!)…so the weight fluctuates and I’m giving Homer Simpson a run for his money with my Big Belly Wobble!

Shake Your Booty

Ummm no real exercise however I do find that I walk quite a bit when I’m on holiday so my steps are up which is really good.

What I’m Up Too…

So I had a week off work to spend with my family…they left me on Thursday to head home to New Zealand with 100 kilos of luggage…and I’m not joking about the luggage either!  We had a really enjoyable road trip around Northern England so it was lovely to show them something a bit different than just London which can get a tad boring.

I managed to tick off a number of UK bucket list items on our road trip as well which was awesome and I’ll always have memories of ticking them off with my family.  One of our stops was the National Trust property, Lyme Park.

England Travel Inspiration - BBC Pride and Prejudice Filming Location, National Trust Property Lyme Park

England Travel Inspiration - BBC Pride and Prejudice Filming Location, National Trust Property Lyme Park

G and I are off to Spain for 5 days next week…2 nights in Madrid and then we’re hiring a car…I still need to book one hotel and said rental car…nothing like leaving things to the last minute as per normal.

I feel like I should be producing some juicy gossip here but I can’t…well I could but I won’t.

Oh we are still dog sitting Henry…

Henry and G

…G is smitten…I’m not!

Anyway enough of my babbling; Happy weekend everyone!


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Weight: 94.5 kgs

“A man always imagines a woman to be ready for any body who asks her.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 38, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Up we go again…unfortunately the hospital has put me on a low fibre diet this week and let’s just say I feel yucky for eating so much rice, pasta and bread…my skin has broken out as well so I feel a bit foul over all.  Let’s just say that I have my fingers crossed that I can eat veggies and fruit again sooner rather than later.

Shake Your Booty

G and I have done a lot of walking this week as we’re still looking after Henry the Dalmatian…G surprised me last week with potentially keeping the dog…after numerous chats, we’ve decided Henry is too big for us to keep…he needs a lot of attention which we can’t do as we both hold down full time jobs and aren’t around during the day…and that wasn’t fair on Henry.  But at this moment in time we are still dog sitting…and dog walking!

What I’m Up Too…

I’m off on an English Road Trip with my folks and little sister…we left on Friday and we’re not sure when we will return…no hotels are booked, we’re just seeing where we will end up which is fun actually!

I bought my folks a National Trust Touring Pass and so far we have recouped back £18.10 of the £52 cost of the Pass…so far so good!  We popped in for a rather fast trip to Little Moreton Hall right before closing…

England Travel Inspiration - National Trust Property Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire during Autumn

…^^I stole Mama’s photo…

England Travel Inspiration - National Trust Property Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire during Autumn

…it was picture perfect…drunk wobbly buildings and jazz hands…my kinda jam!

We also visited The Potteries and Mama and I purchased a few pieces of Burleigh pottery to take home.  Not sure where we are going to end up next but we have a few National Trust properties that we want to visit so watch this space.

Anyway enough of my babbling, time to return to our English Road Trip adventures!  Happy weekend everyone!


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Weight: 93.9 kgs

“The older a person grows, Harriet, the more important it is that their manners should not be bad; the more glaring and disgusting any loudness, or coarseness, or awkwardness becomes. What is passable in youth is detestable in later age” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 37, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Another weight loss…I had assumed I would be bringing back a Croatian food baby with me from Croatia however it looks like I left a roll or two behind somehow!  I have actually tried really hard this week to be good with my food and it makes a huge difference now after the two operations…I can lose weight and basically keep it off (touch wood!).

Looking back at these diary posts, the last time I was in the 93 kg range was way back in 2015 so I’m feeling rather pleased with the progress I’m making…and I am starting to love my body more…one roll of fat and chin hair at a time.

I’m not a fan of the phrase “body confidence” but I think it’s important to accept and love our bodies including all the bits that make us unique for both men and women.  I read my post from the beginning of the year this evening about my Hopes, Dreams and Wishes for 2017 and this line stuck out “The world is full of copycats and women that are starting to resemble barbie dolls; be yourself and love yourself!”…and I’m starting to!

Shake Your Booty

As well as watching what I’ve eaten all week, I exercised as well and I would like to say I feel better for it…I love that great feeling right after exercise but I just wished it lasted for 24 hours…unfortunately the red fog has a tendency of descending when you least expect it.

What I’m Up Too…

I had rather grand plans for today however I’ve ended up staying in bed all day as my colon didn’t receive the bloody memo about weekend sleep ins and I’ve suffered since 6.30am with stomach cramps…so Monday morning I’ll be calling St Mark’s Hospital for an opinion on what to do next rather than visiting the GP…any changes in bowel movements, stomach pain or blood have to reported as I’m very high risk for colon cancer…unfortunately I’ve had all three in the past 24 hours.

G has just told me we are dog sitting for a few days…thinking it was his mum’s dog…apparently it’s not and this may become a permanent arrangement!  Ummm…let’s just say that G is cruising for a f**king bruising!  This dog better know the house rules…no jumping up on the sofa or bed and no eating my shoes.

I’m trying to think of some happy news as this blog post sounds a bit blah…sitting here pondering why we almost own a bloody dog now.

I’ve just booked our accommodation for our trip to Spain next month which is exciting…we are going to spend two nights in Madrid  at the Intercontinental (we stay with IHG all the time as they offer the easiest hotel program around for points and we’re Spire members so we receive some lovely upgrades); as punishment for this dog surprise (who is going to look after this bloody dog when we go to Spain!!!!!!)...we are going to hire a car which I’m going to force G to drive as punishment and visit Toledo which is on my bucket list and Cuenca after Pinterest flagged it up to me (Pinterest is bad for your bank balance!).

Anyway enough of my babbling, I’m off to torture G!  Happy weekend everyone!


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Weight: 94.8 kgs

“Well, evil to some is always good to others.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 36, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Why hello little weight loss…I am sure the weight that I have lost is just around the corner waiting to leap onto my thighs and tummy…I’m in Croatia where there isn’t a shortage of food this weekend.

Shake Your Booty

Well…I did exercise on Monday with a 30 minute walk to nowhere on the treadmill followed by a 30 minute kettle bell session…so that was Monday…yeah well…nothing happened the rest of the week!

I am the proud owner of a hunchback but I don’t live inside a fancy church so last weekend I decided to fix up my posture and instead of ordering a dvd from amazon as per normal, I went for a freebie via youtube and hit the jackpot!  I have done these short but sweet neck exercises all week and the difference is blooming amazing…I do find myself hurting a bit now when I’m slumped over my desk but I’m so well aware of my posture now.

What I’m Up Too…

G and I are in Croatia this weekend visiting family; my folks and little sister are currently in Croatia so we are visiting our extended family along the Dalmatian coastline.  My mum’s father left Croatia as a very young man to move to New Zealand hence where I get my rather long monkey length limbs from…Croatian’s aren’t short!

If there are any countries out there that are suffering from a drought then please email me and I will send you G for a weekend…his water bearing abilities are top notch.  I am currently sitting on the bed quickly typing this blog post while listing to the rain hammering it down outside…it was a pleasant 28 degrees this afternoon so we aren’t complaining.  G has seen it rain in Alice Springs on two separate occasions; one more and he will be considered a local!

Yesterday we visited Makarska and had a little tiki tour around; we visit this town often as it’s the nearest big town to the village however I hadn’t visited the love locks or a certain gentleman so we ticked that off our list.

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 36, 2017

^^Wearing my Penis Skirt…it sticks out like I have a giant willy…but not just any giant willy but a M&S giant willy……which isn’t great when your tummy already makes folks query to when your baby is due!  Maybe this is an “only wear at home willy skirt” rather than a wear out sightseeing willy skirt.

^^^I used lightroom for the first time with the above photo…to be honest I like the least amount of flaff as possible when writing a blog post / adding photos etc and unless I’m missing something, lightroom seems a rather big fluffy flaff?!?!

Instagram Accounts that My Little Sister Loves

Spending time with my little sister this weekend…Lisa let me loose on her instagram account and after getting told off numerous times for liking photos…I am a compulsive instagram liker even when I am snooping on someone else’s phone…I thought I would share a few of Lisa’s favourite accounts.

Idda van Munster is a Bosnian vintage girl living in a modern world…that’s what her instagram profile states.  As soon as Lisa showed me her account I was hooked.  I love a travel account with a twist and the colourful vintage clothing and props really make certain overcooked instagram destinations look fresh again.

Team Sparkle…my little sister loves sparkle and colour so you will be able to see why she loves this account.  We live in a world where folks judge each other on size, shape, beauty and colour which is beyond wrong…we are all unique for a reason and this account really stands out…wear what makes you happy and f*ck the rest of the world…this is what daddy has being driving home to me for the past few weeks and it’s working!

Gertie is another firm favourite of Lisa’s…Lisa has just taken up sewing and she has the made the most adorable vintage style flamingo dress.  Gertie is a designer of Patterns for Butterick so if you love vintage fashion or are a keen sewer this account is for you!

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 36, 2017

^^Lisa’s homemade dress…amazing right…she’s a talented young lass!

Anyway enough of my babbling, there’s a lighting storm for me to watch; I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week!


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