Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 5, 2017

Weight: 97.0 kgs

“I must tell you what you will not ask, though I may wish it unsaid the next moment”  – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 5, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Slight weight loss…was imagining it was going to be bigger due to my colonoscopy earlier this week however it’s PMS time again and I’m retaining water.

Shake Your Booty

Nada…am resting this week as feel like someone has punched me in the gut!

What I’m Up Too…

One word = sleeping!

This week was exhausting to say the least; I had a colonoscopy on Monday, G had his knee operation on Tuesday, I worked from home to look after G on Wednesday, I went to work on Thursday and again on Friday to start month end.  I’m currently giving a panda a run for it’s money with my black rings under my eyes.

I think we can officially say that I lost my shit and fell apart yesterday over two things; Gluten Free Fish n Chips and Ice Cream.

I had a crap day at work yesterday and I was only there until just after midday…I had a huge argument with my Grad that does my tits in (my way of dealing with him in 2017 is to ignore almost all the shitty dribble that comes out of this month as he talks so much bollocks!)  After telling him that he was going to do a particular job and not to argue and then another stern talking to about the importance of doing his accounts vs a chat over football…I was in a full blown rage and then got myself all stressed and my IBS kicked off (I started to remember every shitty thing that has disgusted me over the past few months that has come out of his mouth…give me an Apprentice over a Grad any day!)…so my team mate then had to calm me down by talking to me about shoes…of all things…plus she understands my frustrations with the said Grad!

I left work with the intention of having gluten free fish and chips for lunch with G; this is what I wanted after my colonoscopy but they weren’t open on a Monday…anyway, got there on Friday and placed my order and they politely said they don’t do gluten free at lunch time.  Turned around and left!

Went home, kicked the front door that has expanded due to the freaking rain….and threw myself on the couch crying…yes I’m 36!  G then hobbles down the stairs and tries to give me a cuddle awkwardly as he can’t bend his knee and he’s on crutches.

An hour later I decided to go and buy some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as it was on special at Farmlands really really cheap…never ventured to this store before and probably won’t again.  Picked up a few things and then realised that the special offer finished the day before….honestly I almost cried again.  Then got to the till to pay and the lady was saying oh I’ve had such a bad week…I said oh dear and she told me that she had worked almost 30 hours this week (what is up with the youth of today!?!?!)….my inner rage was rising…I really wanted to tell her that I had a camera shoved up my arse for an hour on Monday but you don’t see me fucking complaining.

I bought Coco Pops at Farmlands….I’m confused if they are even bloody gluten free or not…I ended up eating them for lunch as every other food item was trying to make me cry.

G suggested that I had a nap…I didn’t.  Then we visited his mum for dinner…then had a skype date with dad only as mum was still asleep.

I went to bed…woke up at 4am with massive stomach cramps which I’ve had every day since I had my colonoscopy.  I lay there getting annoyed that I couldn’t sleep…I got up and made us tea and ate more Coco Pops (still confused if they are gluten free after googling it all).  Went to the garden centre to buy some seeds.

Dropped off some fleece to G’s mum on the way back home and then she wanted some kindling chopped up…I was in a right old mood by this time…I helped G chop the wood and he suggested I think of the wood as his head (I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was already thinking that!).  G looks at his mum’s wood bin and there is heaps of kindling…almost lost my fucking shit again!!!

Went home…checking my period phone app and I’m almost due again….so as G said, you’ve got a massive dose of PMS along with exhaustion after this week.  My back hurts, my stomach feels like someone has punched it, I’m bloated, my boobs feel like someone has tried to rip them off my chest and I feel so tired.  Managed to get an hours sleep at lunchtime today until G’s mum rung his mobile which was beside the bed…instant fucking rage.

G then gets in my way as I’m trying to make dinner tonight; instant rage…I really want to kick his crutches so he falls over (I don’t)…he tells me to calm down, instant fucking rage…then I serve up dinner which looks like a giant dog poo…I almost cry!  G and I have a discussion over my PMS while eating dinner…he tells me that it hasn’t being this bad for a few months and asks what I’ve done differently…basically I wasn’t allowed to take my iron tablets for two weeks due to the colonoscopy (queue panic stations; low iron causes even heavier periods – fact!)…thankfully I can now start taking my tablets again…G also passes me over the evening primrose capsule to take…yes my PMS is that bad.

Fingers crossed this will bugger off along with my fibroid next month!

And then to add insult to injury, G is currently wearing my most comfortable pair of fucking FAT PANTS!!! (Fat Pants = Tracksuit bottoms)

Other than that, I’m fine and dandy…tomorrow is a new day.

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend…fingers crossed you don’t run into me and my PMS rage.

Anyway enough of my babbling…maybe it’s time for another nap.


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    • February 5, 2017 / 2:13 PM

      thanks Leanne, I’ve woken up feeling less ragey which is always good! No to stop walking like a 90 year would be fantastic though! xx

    • February 5, 2017 / 2:12 PM

      I’ve woken up with no rage this morning…maybe the evening primrose worked! xx

  1. Caitlin Jean
    February 5, 2017 / 5:30 AM

    Please find me someone who didn’t have the worst PMS in January. I struggled so much this month with the emotional roller coaster. I think I am still trying to recover. Also thanks for the reminder about evening primrose, I shall stock up.

    PS Thank you for an honest / real blogpost, that 30-something women can totally relate to.

    • February 5, 2017 / 2:06 PM

      Oh Caitlin, PMS is totally dreadful and super draining so I’m sending you a number of big cuddles – it takes a while to recover from and I think a lot of ladies don’t understand this as they either don’t suffer from it at all or they have really minor PMS symptoms however I have to say as you get older the PMS does get worse! Evening Primrose does help, iron and also B vitamins as well – we are well stocked with everything under the sun that they suggest to reduce the symptoms as I can be truly horrendous at times.
      I’m so glad that people enjoy a honest and relatable blog post these days

  2. February 6, 2017 / 12:24 AM

    Oh Kelly! I want to wrap you up in a big blanket and give you a cuddle!! You poor thing, sounds like the week from absolute hell!

    I was in a similar state most of last week, crying over absolutely everything and bawling my eyes out at the smallest little things that usually wouldn’t faze me. My worst was just before Christmas though when I cried for hours because I couldn’t find a mince pie anywhere in Sydney. I shouted at the poor guy in the last cafe I went into with “It’s a week until Christmas, how the hell do you not know what a fucking mince pie is!? It has fruit in it, not meat!!!”, then I went home and cried and ate loads of Lindt chocolate.

    Hope you feel better today!

    C x
    Catherine recently posted…A Melbourne Brunch at Om Nom.My Profile

    • February 6, 2017 / 10:55 AM

      Haha thanks Catherine! It was a trying week by the time I got to Saturday but feeling better today which is fabulous!
      Oh you poor thing, I’m sending you so many cuddles – it’s horrible when you get hit by the weepy disease as it knocks you totally off kilter.
      Oh my goodness, where the fuck were all the mince pies…Australia is so weird! If I knew about your mince pie woes I would have suggested a day trip to Auckland to visit my mummy as she makes her own mince pies…hundreds of the little buggers for Christmas and gifts for her friends…her Christmas rum balls are pretty legendary as well! Next Christmas, if you have the same problem then you need to visit Auckland.
      Happy Monday love xx