Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 48, 2017

Weight: Unknown…

“That is the case with us all, papa. One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.” – Jane Austen, Emma

My Life Goal, ze Weight

No weigh in this week as I was away on holiday…weighing yourself while on holiday should be against the law!

Shake Your Booty

We walked a lot over the past five days in Austria and Germany…then I ate cake as a pat on the back for doing exercise….oh, oh, ohhhhh….I did yoga on holiday as well…check me out!

What I’m Up Too…

So right now I’m trying to write a blog post, watching a dodgy Christmas movie (ask G and he will tell you that I’ve being watching dodgy Christmas movies since October…which is true!) and doing a load of washing.

G, his mum and I went to Austria and Germany for five days…this was my fourth time in Salzburg and it was so lovely to see it under a blanket of snow…

Austria Travel Inspiration - 48 Hours in Salzburg During Winter and the Christmas Markets

…the Christmas markets are really delightful in Salzburg and the surrounding villages…I’ve already written a big blog post with tips which I will post during the week…just need to put some finishing touches on the post…and straighten up a few photos.

Austria Travel Inspiration - 48 Hours in Salzburg During Winter and the Christmas Markets

This coming week is rather busy…trying to do two month end days in one…without any help…Tuesday going to the hospital for my 6 month check up…hard to believe that my last operation was almost 6 months ago but am rather excited about this appointment as the coil is coming out (oversharing yes…do I care, nope…it’s my blog!)...I have my fingers crossed that my eyeball headaches are going to disappear and I’m pretty sure everyone around me is hoping that my massive mood swings go as well…G’s mum is having an operation and I still need to do about 6 loads of washing.

Anyway enough of my babbling; did you have a lovely weekend?


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    • December 6, 2017 / 8:01 PM

      Awww thanks Jessi; it does look extremely pretty under a blanket of snow xx