Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 40, 2017

Weight: Unknown…I’m on holiday!

“Respect for right conduct is felt by every body.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 40, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Unknown…will weigh in next week and see what has happened.

Shake Your Booty

Back to my exercising and feel a load better for it and I’ve done a lot of walking over the past few days in Madrid…let’s see what the scales say next weekend!

What I’m Up Too…

Had my hair cut and coloured on Friday…gotta colour those greys in…have finally gone short short…it only took 3 cuts but Nicole suggested going shorter with each visit rather than scaring me with a short haircut on the first attempt and me never returning (she knows me to well including my fanny issues…I always waddle in like a penguin to get my hair cut a few days after an operation…it’s become a standing joke between us)

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 40, 2017

…and I love having short hair!  Still can’t do a selfie to save myself!

G and I are in Spain this weekend…we’ve just spent the last two days in Madrid and are picking up a rental car tomorrow morning and heading out for a Spanish Tiki Tour which I’m looking forward to.

Spain Travel Inspiration - yellow building and balcony in Madrid during Autumn

Not too sure what to make of Madrid to be honest…we arrived in the middle of a peaceful demonstration..businesses were closed and the streets packed…it was much better today.  I have to agree with G, we both much prefer Seville to Barcelona and Madrid.

Spain Travel Inspiration - artwork on buildings in Madrid

I did fall in love with a Mid Century poster today…at 400 euros it’s staying in Madrid…but oh my goodness, I loved it!

Henry the Dalmatian has found a new home…he’s gone to live with a 6 month old Springer called Willow…I do miss him, I didn’t think I would but at the same time it’s nice not having to shoo away a dog who wants to sniff your fanny every 10 seconds when you have your period.  One of the girls at work was having a giggle with me over this on Friday…she said you can always spot a woman who has a period walking a dog…the dog is constantly trying to sniff her fanny.

Change of direction from talking about a fanny…loved this article on Minimalism today.

Not sure why the word “fanny” has popped up so frequently today…might change the title of these posts to “The Fanny Diaries”.

Anyway enough of my babbling; has everyone had a lovely weekend?


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  1. October 9, 2017 / 1:08 AM

    Your hair looks fab! I love that color and length on you. I found my first grey hair probably around 3 or so years ago, right there in front shining bright and white against my natural brown. I plucked it out and was like, problem solved. Never saw it again.

    Flash-forward to two weeks ago when I was lying on the couch with Cory, being a lazy bum and feeling relaxed and happy. Out of nowhere he decides to alert me to the fact that there are indeed now a FEW silver strands dotting the landscape of my scalp. Needless to say, I don’t think he’ll ever mention anything like that again. I spent the rest of the afternoon scanning my entire head and counting hairs. Unfortunately, these days my hair is too thin for me to feel comfortable pulling them out, especially now that it’s not just the one, and I refuse to use hair dye, so I guess they’re here to stay. Hello, mid-thirties!
    Sarah Shumate recently posted…5 Things To Do In Prague’s Historic Old Town SquareMy Profile

    • October 18, 2017 / 8:52 PM

      Awww thanks Sarah and you make me giggle!
      I remember when I found my first grey hair…poor Cory, he probably regrets making that comment. I remember G saying the same thing and then fretting for days over getting older.
      Those grey hairs like to pop up in thinning hair…I’ve noticed that a lot xx

  2. Caitlin Jean
    October 9, 2017 / 5:53 AM

    Your short hairstyle looks great!