Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 36, 2017

Weight: 94.8 kgs

“Well, evil to some is always good to others.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 36, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Why hello little weight loss…I am sure the weight that I have lost is just around the corner waiting to leap onto my thighs and tummy…I’m in Croatia where there isn’t a shortage of food this weekend.

Shake Your Booty

Well…I did exercise on Monday with a 30 minute walk to nowhere on the treadmill followed by a 30 minute kettle bell session…so that was Monday…yeah well…nothing happened the rest of the week!

I am the proud owner of a hunchback but I don’t live inside a fancy church so last weekend I decided to fix up my posture and instead of ordering a dvd from amazon as per normal, I went for a freebie via youtube and hit the jackpot!  I have done these short but sweet neck exercises all week and the difference is blooming amazing…I do find myself hurting a bit now when I’m slumped over my desk but I’m so well aware of my posture now.

What I’m Up Too…

G and I are in Croatia this weekend visiting family; my folks and little sister are currently in Croatia so we are visiting our extended family along the Dalmatian coastline.  My mum’s father left Croatia as a very young man to move to New Zealand hence where I get my rather long monkey length limbs from…Croatian’s aren’t short!

If there are any countries out there that are suffering from a drought then please email me and I will send you G for a weekend…his water bearing abilities are top notch.  I am currently sitting on the bed quickly typing this blog post while listing to the rain hammering it down outside…it was a pleasant 28 degrees this afternoon so we aren’t complaining.  G has seen it rain in Alice Springs on two separate occasions; one more and he will be considered a local!

Yesterday we visited Makarska and had a little tiki tour around; we visit this town often as it’s the nearest big town to the village however I hadn’t visited the love locks or a certain gentleman so we ticked that off our list.

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 36, 2017

^^Wearing my Penis Skirt…it sticks out like I have a giant willy…but not just any giant willy but a M&S giant willy……which isn’t great when your tummy already makes folks query to when your baby is due!  Maybe this is an “only wear at home willy skirt” rather than a wear out sightseeing willy skirt.

^^^I used lightroom for the first time with the above photo…to be honest I like the least amount of flaff as possible when writing a blog post / adding photos etc and unless I’m missing something, lightroom seems a rather big fluffy flaff?!?!

Instagram Accounts that My Little Sister Loves

Spending time with my little sister this weekend…Lisa let me loose on her instagram account and after getting told off numerous times for liking photos…I am a compulsive instagram liker even when I am snooping on someone else’s phone…I thought I would share a few of Lisa’s favourite accounts.

Idda van Munster is a Bosnian vintage girl living in a modern world…that’s what her instagram profile states.  As soon as Lisa showed me her account I was hooked.  I love a travel account with a twist and the colourful vintage clothing and props really make certain overcooked instagram destinations look fresh again.

Team Sparkle…my little sister loves sparkle and colour so you will be able to see why she loves this account.  We live in a world where folks judge each other on size, shape, beauty and colour which is beyond wrong…we are all unique for a reason and this account really stands out…wear what makes you happy and f*ck the rest of the world…this is what daddy has being driving home to me for the past few weeks and it’s working!

Gertie is another firm favourite of Lisa’s…Lisa has just taken up sewing and she has the made the most adorable vintage style flamingo dress.  Gertie is a designer of Patterns for Butterick so if you love vintage fashion or are a keen sewer this account is for you!

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 36, 2017

^^Lisa’s homemade dress…amazing right…she’s a talented young lass!

Anyway enough of my babbling, there’s a lighting storm for me to watch; I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week!


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    • September 16, 2017 / 9:05 PM

      Haha so true Sarah…but do I want to force the willy skirt onto some poor lady at the charity shop. Maybe it will become my painting skirt which I don’t have one yet. xx

    • September 11, 2017 / 10:56 PM

      Thanks Tanja! You need to visit as I think you live close by xx

    • September 11, 2017 / 10:56 PM

      Fingers crossed! It’s meant to improve however we were delayed leaving due to a massive storm at the airport. Have fun in croatia xx