Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 31, 2017

Weight: 95.4 kgs

“And have you never known the pleasure and triumph of a lucky guess? I pity you. I thought you cleverer; for depend upon it, a lucky guess is never merely luck. There is always some talent in it.” – Jane Austen, Emma

My Life Goal, ze Weight

So a slight increase but this is to be expected as my colon took a large hit during the week and hasn’t settled.

Shake Your Booty

No exercise unfortunately…I had a colonoscopy on Wednesday which has put me out of action for most of the week.

What I’m Up Too…

So I had my second colonoscopy in 6 months on Wednesday and it didn’t go well for a number of reasons…

  • The laxative didn’t work well…I much prefer Moviprep but they still went ahead as the colon was relatively clear
  • The only vein they could find just didn’t want a date with a needle even after they tried for two minutes to wiggle it around…I’m not great with needles and ended up with an inch high bump on my hand and a huge bruise
  • So no sedative due to the vein issue and only gas…honestly gas is shit…I possibly may have gassed myself to sleep at one point
  • We thought it would be relatively clear in my colon as I had 14 polyps removed at the end of January so we didn’t expect to find anything…yes famous last word…9 polyps later and there is talk of a colonoscopy every 3-6 months now as I’m a polyp factory.  One polyp was bloody painful to be removed hence the nurse grabbed my hand before they removed it…that was all the warning I needed that it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park…normally you can’t feel them bar a little tickle but holy fuck that one was a tug and a half.
  • There were times that the gas didn’t touch the side of the pain…I was told to try and pass some of the wind that they were blowing inside me to help relieve the pain during the colonoscopy…my response had them all laughing…trust me, trying to release the wind while you have a camera stuck up your arse isn’t easy…they may have been told this with a few fucks thrown in for good measure.
  • We found out why I ended up in hospital in May…there was an infection in my colon and I was diagnosed with another colon disease…we are up to 3 so far…my colon is cooking with gas at the moment!!
  • I may have won the badge for most annoying patient as I kept asking – how much longer? are we there yet, have you reached the end of my colon?…I was on repeat FOR OVER AN HOUR!

All in all…it was a pretty shit day and we had to travel down to St Marks Hospital in London which specialises in Colon Cancer research / treatment for the colonoscopy as they now look after all my colon care…it was a nervous trip down from Bedford to London and once we arrived, G decided to fluff around in the carpark…he got an earful as I needed the loo urgently.  Thankfully I can have all my future colonoscopies in Bedford…fingers crossed that this is going to be allowed still.

We stopped off at Hatfield on the way home and I bought myself a pair of cropped jeans from Jaeger at their discount store…it was my treat after the horrendous colonoscopy…

…and then I bought myself some flowers from a great little spot in Blunham for £2 a bunch…honestly best place to buy flowers from as they are all grown locally.  The big purple flower is from my garden…I had to pick it as it was rather windy on Wednesday.  Excuse the dusty table.

So today I’ve painted the chimney in the back lounge dark red…I cursed myself as I was painting as painting dark colours ain’t easy and that was only the first coat…second coat and more cursing will happen tomorrow morning.  The joys of sitting at home for over a month on sick leave is now I want the whole house to be repainted…slowly getting the house all sorted room by room.

I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet and normal week next week…bring it on!!

I read a really interesting article about influencers on social media this week – the difference between Convertors vs Brand Builders…it’s an interesting read if you’re into social media and or just want a snoop about a few really big influencers and which category they fall into.

Anna linked up to this great British Airways article and where the airline is going wrong and it’s spot on…the number of comments just backs up the article.  BA unfortunately are pretty crap at the moment and they really do need a change of leadership before they go tits up.

Anyway enough of my babbling, I hope everyone had a really lovely week!


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    • August 7, 2017 / 8:13 PM

      So do I Sarah but having a colonoscopy gives me a peace of mind that everything is okay down below…I know you aren’t a fan of these procedures and was thinking of you as said in the past that you found them painful xx

  1. August 6, 2017 / 1:27 PM

    Oh no that whole thing sounds horrible – hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • August 7, 2017 / 7:58 PM

      Thanks Jasmin, I’m on the mend xx