Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 29, 2017

Weight: 94.9 kgs

“A single woman, with a very narrow income, must be a ridiculous, disagreeable old maid! The proper sport of boys and girls, but a single woman, of good fortune, is always respectable, and may be as sensible and pleasant as any body else.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 29, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

The weight is all over the place along with the old hormones…I was up at 97 kilos mid week and dropped down to 94.9 by Friday.  One day my uterus will hopefully be normal again…or maybe I will spot a unicorn first…I’m putting my money on the unicorn!

Shake Your Booty

I’ve managed to do exercise every day bar Thursday evening which has really helped clear my head…even though I didn’t fancy doing any exercise when I first jumped on the the treadmill but felt loads better after finishing my walk.

What I’m Up Too…

I managed to do 4 full days at work this week and had to call in sick yesterday…I’m suffering from huge stabbing pains in my lower abdomen which is how they started right before I ended up in hospital back in May…I have my fingers crossed that they bugger off along with my 8 day period and that my memory will return soon as it’s currently a bit hit and miss.

As you read this, G and I should be on the way down to Cornwall on a mini little road trip (we may be still in bed also!)…we are going to stop off halfway for the night as we are thinking that the traffic is going to be pants as the schools are now officially out for most.  I’m looking forward to having a little trip away and to breathe in some salty sea air.

This week I picked my first tomatoes from the glass house and they’re amazing!  I’ve already managed to pick a number of courgettes and beautiful sweet peas so we seem to be on a role veggie wise.

Anyway enough of my babbling, I hope everyone had a really lovely week!


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    • July 30, 2017 / 8:54 PM

      It sure is Tanja…have a lot more in the garden as well including yellow and purple tomatoes which is ace!