Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 23, 2017

Weight: 94.3 kgs

“It was a delightful visit; perfect, in being much too short.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 23, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Another decrease of the old weight which I’m not complaining out…my weight was even lower again late last week…unfortunately my GP is now worried about why I’m losing so much weight so quickly, apparently it is to much even after an operation.

Shake Your Booty

No exercise at all…maybe this week…maybe not.

What I’m Up Too…

Obviously I’m late with my weekly diary blog post…I didn’t lose any sleep over it!

Last year was shit and writing a blog post just didn’t come naturally to me so I parked the blog bar my weekly diary posts (these are posts I write for myself) and a few travel posts in between when I felt inspired which didn’t happen often…the same thing has happened in 2017.

The past few mornings I’ve woken up actually feeling refreshed…and that’s not a word I use often…I normally wake up feeling nauseous and suffering from serious brain fog and that’s how I tackle the day in that state…needless to say I take a no prisoners approach to my day.

This week I’ve learnt what is causing the constant nausea…my colon…once you know, things get a little less stressful and I’m thankful that my colon and I are going to be looked after by a great team at St Marks Hospital in London going forward that specialise in genetic colon diseases.  I get to have another colonoscopy very soon…two in a year…unfortunately I am showing colon cancer symptoms again.

Health is so important and when it starts slipping away you do lose part of yourself…I lost my confidence as my periods were so heavy I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to anymore…2 operations in 2017 later and I’m free of fibroids; I thought I was going crazy as GP’s kept telling me things were all in my head which they weren’t and I lost my ability to really give a shit about people and life in general and that’s a really horrible feeling to have…nothing worse than disliking people as their life looks just to “easy” from the outside.

Tomorrow I am back to work after over a month off on sick leave…it’s a weird feeling to think I’m going back to work now…I don’t feel like I’ve had over 4 weeks off but I have…it feels like I have blinked and lost a few weeks somewhere.

Moral of the Story – Health is Wealth!

Anyway enough of my babbling…time for dinner.


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  1. June 13, 2017 / 3:41 AM

    Good luck heading back to work! I hope it staves off the boredom. And I’m so glad that you’re finally getting answers for your woes! Well, some of them anyway ;) come on NHS!

    Health really IS wealth.
    Rachel recently posted…Expat stories 3: The Gluten Free GalsMy Profile

    • June 18, 2017 / 8:16 PM

      Haha I got signed off to work from home for two weeks…insert eye roll hehe!
      It sure is xx

    • June 18, 2017 / 8:15 PM

      fingers crossed I’m all fixed now…just waiting for the iron stores to build up and then we will be all systems go!