Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 20, 2017

Weight: 96.0 kgs

“There are people,who the more you do for them ,the less they will do for themselves.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 20, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Ahhh so I went up this week but I can say with my hand on my heart, I’ve watched my weight fluctuate from 94 to 96 kilos in the last few days…it’s really interesting to watch and to be expected as my body is all over the place.

Shake Your Booty

Yeah so no exercise this week and I’m pretty much not allowed to do any exercise at the moment until I’m feeling better…doctors orders…and unfortunately I have to listen to said doctors.

What I’m Up Too…

Well this week didn’t really go to plan at all…I haven’t gone to work and I spent two nights in Bedford Hospital as I was pretty under the weather.

So my fibroids will be removed on the 30th of May and obviously me talking to my fanny (mainly to curse it lately due to the never ending period), Frida and Franca heard they were going to be evicted and decided to throw a huge arse party in my uterus…I lost a lot of blood (and I mean a lot…I was close to needing a blood transfusion…what an average woman loses to what they think I was losing is eye watering!) and had massive stomach cramps that forced G into taking me to the A&E on Tuesday evening.

Apparently my body is fighting an infection (we still don’t know where and are waiting for more results however they think in my bowel), my iron levels plummeted (and I was taking 600 mg of iron a day at the time…the RDA is 14mg!) and I was losing to much blood so they hospitalised me to try and get the bleeding under control at the very least (I can’t have my operation if I’m bleeding and I’m still lightly bleeding now!)…the consultant thinks my fibroid is taking on another form in my uterus and you can feel it when you press onto my lower tummy area now; the easiest thing to do is to have them removed so I have my fingers crossed that the bleeding stops.

Let’s just say that morphine and paracetamol at times didn’t even touch the pain…I did get over my fear of dealing with the Women’s Clinic at Bedford Hospital on my stay so that is one silver lining.  I had two consultants that were lovely; the first one actually worked with my consultant from L&D so I felt I could trust her and the second consultant was flabbergasted when I told him that nobody from Bedford Hospital would be touching my fibroids…a crying distressed Kelly is even more blunt and to the point than normal however he took everything in his stride (including looking at my huge surfboard of a sanitary pad)…he went off to investigate who I had seen on my previous visits as he was disgusted with the way I was treated previously.

When I was having my first ever wheel chair ride (seriously the porter was such a speed racer but oh so lovely…his brother in law taught me how to pass my driving exam in England!)…we almost collided with one of the stupid doctors that I had encountered previously at Bedford Hospital…seriously that made me smile…I did want to stop and tell her…look bitch, my fibroids that you told me weren’t causing my heavy periods have just put me into fucking hospital…karma bitch…karma…and when karma really comes to get her I hope it really bites her fucking hard as she has caused me so much unnecessary suffering and for any other ladies out there that she has also caused unnecessary suffering to as well for not treating us…it’s doctors like her that give the NHS a really really bad name.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel however after 7 years of fighting to get here I now feel utterly exhausted…I keep telling myself that I am almost at the finish line…not long to go but that doesn’t stop the tears unfortunately.

As I’m not allowed to drive as I’m anaemic so feel rather light headed and constantly feeling chilly (my nipples are going to poke someones eyes out soon!), G has taken me out for a drive or two…we went to a plant sale yesterday and picked up a few plants and enjoyed a Ploughman’s and a Scone…all for charity so calorie free right?!  It’s little village events like these that make me realise that I don’t miss living in London one bit.

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 20, 2017

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 20, 2017

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 20, 2017

So I’m signed off until to my operation…doctors orders…no more trying to be Wonder Woman because nobody is regardless of what people say.

Anyway enough of my babbling…time to finish watching Antiques Roadshow.


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  1. May 22, 2017 / 12:33 AM

    I always love your honesty and bluntness Kelly! Really hope you get better soon and they sort it all out – sounds like a total nightmare!!! Big hugs!

    C x
    Catherine recently posted…Visiting Ta Prohm & Angkor Thom, Cambodia.My Profile

    • May 22, 2017 / 7:55 AM

      Haha thanks Catherine! So do I, not long to go….finish line is in sight. But yes a total nightmare situation and thank you for the hugs xx

    • May 22, 2017 / 7:56 AM

      Yep Anna, i have everything crossed but have a feeling my body is slowly giving up on me…happy Monday love xx

  2. May 25, 2017 / 12:08 AM

    Oh my gosh! So sorry you’ve had such a terrible week! :( Only 5 more days until the 30th. I really hope you feel tremendously better after this, and that the perpetual period stops. I mean, no one should have to be forced to endure that! Sending you loads of love!
    Sarah Shumate recently posted…The Annual Chelsea Flower Show In LondonMy Profile

    • June 4, 2017 / 8:07 PM

      Thanks Sarah, your message meant a lot so thank you!
      Yes finally had the operation so am fibroid free however just not period free at the moment…I don’t know how new mums do this! xx