Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 18, 2017

Weight: 95.8 kgs

“I have observed…in the course of my life, that if things are going outwardly one month, they are sure to mend the next.”  – Jane Austen, Emma

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Yay…a teeny weeny weight loss but there is still one so I’m happy.  And yes I celebrate a 100 gram weight loss!

Shake Your Booty

I’ve done quite a bit of walking on my treadmill this week and thought I would dust off my old Tracy Anderson exercise dvd to try and cut down the size of my bingo wings…the bingo wings are huge and I could quite literally fly to New Zealand with them!

What I’m Up Too..

This week was month end so that kept me out of trouble; so now I’m scrabbling around trying to sort things out with paperwork and cleaning…I’m seriously thinking of employing a cleaner or a PA so I can enjoy my weekends however I’m really enjoying the smell of pledge…I’m a freaking weirdo!

Uterus update – I thought my period had finally finished…queue another two week period…I then sneezed and I think I moved my fibroid or something popped down there (god knows what, however this has happened a few times since my operation) and my period decided to start again…hello three week period.  So now I’m waddling around like a penguin looking six months pregnant…I rub my belly a lot so I get a lot of side way glances from the guys at work.

My decluttering continues…I am slowly getting to the bottom of huge piles of crap that I don’t ever use.  Our burglar alarm went off on Friday morning so G raced home only to find a spider doing a lap dance over one of the sensors (another reason I need a cleaner pronto!)…I joked with G that I hoped someone was stealing all the crap so I didn’t have to continue with the decluttering (I shouldn’t joke about getting robbed I know!).

Anyway enough of my babbling…time for some sleep…G is still out shooting rabbits.


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    • September 16, 2017 / 9:23 PM

      You’re hired Sarah!! I am getting better with decluttering and not buying everything I see which is really a novelty for me these days xx