Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 14, 2017

Weight: 96.1 kgs

“Where there is a wish to please, one ought to overlook, and one does overlook a great deal.”  – Jane Austen, Emma

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Yay another very small weight loss…small but when you add them all up, it’s so good to see an overall weight loss since my operation.

Shake Your Booty

Just a few strolls on the treadmill and a whole lot of gardening today.

What I’m Up Too..

So I decided to spend the weekend at home, getting things sorted so I’ve got Easter weekend free to do day trips if I fancy…today was spent in the garden and I’m currently writing this blog post with a bag of frozen butternut squash on my neck as I’m pretty much red as a lobster…bloody English weather and my pale Kiwi skin!  I’m a huge advocate for sun cream so I feel rather stupid for not applying it today (I applied it after the damage was done!)…let’s hope the Rose Oil that G has applied works!

After feeling tired for weeks and weeks…the iron tablets aren’t helping and I just had another blood test to check my levels; I decided to buy a number of vitamins online today so fingers crossed that they’ll act like rocket fuel so I’ll be skipping through the tulips come Easter time.

Just finished making Christine’s never fail sponge…I’ve made it gluten free so I am guessing it may fail…eek!

Blog Stuff

I read a really interesting blog post this week which is now deleted about “instagram influencers”…it was so good…the blogger actually named and shamed luxury travel bloggers!  Unfortunately a few people have taken offence to the blog post and spammed her instagram account with fake followers which I just think proves how fickle society is these days.

I wrote a blog post a number of months ago about why people follow and unfollow on instagram (you can read it here)...I realised that I had a few days left on my instagress account so have got it running down to nil just liking random photos (the accountant in me hates wasting money and I’m not following / unfollowing)…I’m undecided about instagram at the moment.  I’m actually thinking about closing down my instagram account or making it private as I’m finding it all a tad pretentious…I love accounts that act like mini little blogs where the person shares the good times and the bad times…but these seem to be disappearing fast.

Anyway enough of my babbling…time for some bedtime reading.


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    • April 12, 2017 / 8:48 PM

      So do I…just starting my new vitamins tonight…let’s hope I will have more bounce than the Easter bunny come Sunday! x

  1. April 10, 2017 / 6:35 PM

    Ahh I’ve had some right old comments on my post of a slum today. The description quite clearly says slum, and I’ve got people saying ‘looks beautiful!!! [emojiemoji]’ or ‘wow I want to go!!!11’ and I have really had enough. Plus the follow unfollow. I’d understand if you quit but I’d rather you went private so I can still enjoy your doors and wobbly buildings!

    Hope the cake turned out ok :)
    Rachel recently posted…Expat stories 1: The Wanderful ladiesMy Profile

    • October 21, 2017 / 5:32 PM

      Say whattttttt Rachel!! That is truly ridiculous and just shows that people don’t actually take the time to read posts these days…they just want to drop a link and run.
      I’ve had a massive instagrammer leave a comment on my blog but it was such bad broken English that I am assuming she hires someone to post comments to try and get people to comment on her blog xx