Kelly Michelle’s Diary Week 11, 2017

Weight: 97.0 kgs

“Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 11, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

A tiny decrease which is good considering how much gluten free shortbread I ate last week!

Shake Your Booty

Moving on….

What I’m Up Too..

We popped off Surrey yesterday afternoon to drop G’s mum at a wedding so we had a little tiki tour and visited a National Trust property, Box Hill, Littlehampton and had a quick drive past our old house in Arundel!

So last week…I went to work again…I almost did a full week apart from Monday when I didn’t even get to 11am as I had managed to put my back out last Sunday while shaving my legs of all things…I’ve decided that if G isn’t going to shave his legs then I’m not going to bother either from now on…I may have bought this lovely dress from Boden in green so I’m pretty sure I will be shaving my legs very very  soon…the dress is perfect if you’re quite tall and have big boobies!

On Friday, I met up with Rachel before she heads off to Australia…it was lovely to catch up with her again and I will definitely miss our chats and cake dates.

Urgh…I went to the GP last week…after feeling very positive about the NHS after my experience at L&D Hospital, it’s amazing how one GP can turn that on it’s head in a few words.  G was furious with her after I told him how the appointment went; while I’m just rolling my eyes after she told me that my operation to remove my fibroid was a waste of money…she had her bitch face on so I put mine on and told her that the consultant is going in again so I’m guessing she knows best.  As I said to G, this is the same GP that raced me through on the 2 week NHS cancer rule (or whatever it is called) as she thought I had colon cancer at Christmas time…just proving that some GP’s are good with some things but pretty crap with others.

I was pretty obsessed with this blog for many a moon however the past year has taught me not to worry about the little things in life (which includes this blog) so when I forgot to renew my bluehost account and my blog went down…I didn’t fret, worry or have a breakdown and guess what the world kept on spinning without my blog.  I did think of letting the blog go that day but in the end I renewed it as I want a diary to record all my adventures.

Our Russian visas turned up today…yay…happy dance…and we did them all by ourselves as well!  So now I can start researching our little adventure, I like to see what there is available to do in a city rather than planning every waking hour before turning up.  I’m really excited about wearing red in Red Square!

Anyway enough of my babbling…I should do exercise but maybe I will read instead…turning pages is exercise right?!!


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