I’ve done this post for the past two years (2014 and 2015) and I thought I would do one for 2016 and share my upcoming travel plans.  So where will the wind blow me in 2016…with me most likely wearing jandals in every destination regardless of season!


Auckland, New Zealand

I’m in New Zealand for the first four days of the new year before heading back to England so I will be making the most of my time at home with my family.

Edit: I’m staying for 5 additional days as I’m medically unfit to fly now thanks to either a bug or food poisoning and a high temperature.  

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Lisbon, Portugal

At the end of January I’m off Lisbon for a city break and I’m sure it will be much needed after the first few crazy weeks of 2016 as it’s my busiest time of the year work wise with the year end close of accounts, audit and then budget / forecast all due.  I’ve started pinning a number of pins to my Portugal Pinterest Board for inspiration on where to visit.  I’m going to be most likely staying at the Intercontinental Lisbon so I can get a number of points in their Spring Accelerator promotion…hence we can use the points at a later date for free hotel rooms.

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Seville, Spain

G and I are February birthday babies…he’s a Valentine’s Baby and I’m two days later so we always try to head away even though it’s normally school holidays.  This year we are going to Seville, we picked up some super cheap cheap Business Class airfares with British Airways for £150 return…yeah eye watering cheap and it means I can shop with no fear of luggage allowances!  Lisa is giving me loads of tips…her first tip was to stay at the Starwood property, Hotel Alfonso XIII which is ace as we need to earn a few points to use for our Peru accommodation with SPG.

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Peru and Bolivia

So in May, G and I are heading to Peru and Bolivia for just over two weeks.  We are using our BA Companion voucher so we managed to get super cheap Business Class flights and just need to confirm a few more hotel bookings.  So far our itinerary is Lima for 2 nights (A few folks have said it’s not worth staying but I’ve heard others say it’s a brilliant city so we are taking a risk twice!), Cusco for three nights and a lovely train trip with Belmond to Machu Picchu, exploring the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and then onto La Paz for a few nights and then back to Lima.  I’m trying to pay for as many of our hotels using points so we can have a few special experiences while we are away…I’m on a huge saving drive in 2016!

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I’ve given myself a new years resolution to visit every county in England in 2016…let’s see if I can do it.

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I’m sure there will be a few other trips during the year so who knows where the wind will blow me in 2016.

I’m a bit lazy and just using my Pinterest boards for the pics…SO much easier!

I’m joining up with Emma, Angie and Jessi in the January travel link up.  I decided it was time to relinquish my role as a co-host of the link up due to work, life and eating commitments – it’s been a pleasure and I will still join in when I’ve got time available to comment etc but I also just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that has linked up over the past two years and for all the lovely comments and fabulous new blogs that I’ve found through the travel link up.

So what are your travel plans for 2016?


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So a few weeks ago, Lonely Planet announced their 2016 Best Travel Destinations which was a round up of their top 10 countries, cities and regions.  Not to be out done by Lonely Planet, I thought I would share my picks for 2016.  Lonely Planet and I agree on a few destinations…I’m not sure about Botswana getting their No. 1 spot, yes it’s nice and politically stable but if you’re looking at a full package country then definitely visit it’s neighbour, Namibia.  But if you do visit Botswana, make sure you use a plastic mokoro rather than the traditional wooden one when going into the Delta…you’ll thank me later…along with your dry camera equipment!



I’m putting France on my list for one reason…it’s my most popular Pinterest board!  When I look at which pins are getting pinned the most, it’s not Paris but cute little villages in the country side with the Alsace region a firm favourite.  Marseille and Bordeaux have all had make overs recently and are becoming popular city break destinations…there is definitely more to France than just Paris.

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Well I’m going to Peru next year so that is a good enough reason for Peru to feature on this list however the big reason is that there are finally direct flights from the UK with British Airways again from next May which is making Peru an easier destination to reach.  I can see Peru being extremely popular for luxury travellers thanks to this direct flight.

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Costa Rica

Like Peru, Costa Rica will also have direct flights from next May from London Gatwick (once again with BA)…this beautiful country, full of colourful tropical birds and butterflies has been on my wish list for years and I can see it slowly enticing UK travellers to it’s luscious shores.  There are some pretty amazing destination hotels in Costa Rica to check out!

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I’ve always had slightly mixed feelings about Mexico…mainly as Cancun seems to be a UK package holiday hell hole that I don’t ever want to visit…however the opening scenes of the latest James Bond movie had me whispering in G’s ear that I want to visit Mexico City.  Wanderlust strikes at any moment…and I wouldn’t mind David Craig tagging along for the ride.  After doing extensive google research, there is so much more to Mexico then just Cancun!

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St Helena Island

Lonely Planet and I agree on this hot travel destination for 2016 – the island finally has an airport…queue happy dance!  St Helena Island and I have a connection, one of my dad’s ancestors was known as St Helena’s Merchant King and was friends with Napoleon hence the reason why I am really keen to visit.  Wild and secluded, it’s going to draw the extremely well travelled that want to finally visit but without having to endure the long sea journey.

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The Faroe Islands

Iceland has had it’s time in the spotlight and I think many travellers are looking for the next big thing…which is the Faroe Islands.  Trust me, grass roof cottages will be popping up all over instagram in 2016!

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Morocco has been mentioned on many past hot travel destination lists but I think the focus has really been around Marrakech…I love Marrakech however it’s very much a Disneyland destination, it’s lost it soul.  Step in Fez and Chefchaouen; I visited these two cities way back in 2003 and they were pretty amazing then but I can see them featuring more and more in the next 12 months…the only problem is that you have to fly from Stansted with Ryanair to Fez.  If you’re after an authentic Moroccan experience, visit Fez over Marrakech.  Chefchaouen holds a special place in my heart…I was flashed for the first time in my life in this town…ahhh those beautiful Moroccan memories!

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Lonely Planet and I agree on this one…Japan seemed to be rather popular last year especially around Cherry Blossom season and I think it’s only going to get bigger in the coming years due to it’s fabulous culture and delightful foodie scene.

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The Highlands have been popular for years but I can see the Hebrides becoming more popular as staycationers look for destinations that are off the beaten path.  Rugged islands and whiskey…what more could you ask for…well how about an airport that actually uses the beach as a landing strip!

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Malaysia is surrounded by popular destinations like Thailand and Bali however it doesn’t feel like a big travel player but I can see that changing.  The country has so much to offer from white sand beaches, to cosmopolitan cities, jungles and gorgeous tea plantations in the Highlands…it has something for everyone and suits all budgets.

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So what do you think will be the best travel destinations and trends for 2016?  Cities or Countries…let’s overdose on wanderlust!


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It’s Travel Link Up time again and this month’s theme is a place you can’t get out of your head…a great topic chosen by this month’s co-host Liz from Passport Packed.  Come and join Emma, Rebecca, Liz and I as we discover which places are making us go crazy!


At the present moment I can’t get Peru out of my head…thankfully British Airways have just announced new direct flights to Lima starting from next May (and yes I have a mild dislike for BA at the moment but I have a few 2-4-1 vouchers to use up!) so thankfully someone has listened to my prayers for direct flights to Peru.

I’m going slightly crazy about Peru and am stalking all the Peru instagram hashtags…it’s gotten so bad that when I was having a pedicure a few weeks ago, Instagram locked my account as I was liking a few too many photos of Peru…honestly just looking at the #machupicchu, #peru and #cusco tags and you too will be liking way too many pics (so I had to send them a little message saying…Hiya, having a pedicure and have liked too many Peru photos…will put down the phone which is currently overheating in my hand…instant unlock…I’m sure they’re still laughing and thinking this girl is a right ol’ putz!)…plus a pedicure shouldn’t take 1.5 hours either…but I digress…

So I’ve made myself a little wish list of the places that I would love to visit in Peru and some of the hotels that I really really want to stay in…so are you ready…


I know a lot of tourists hate big cities but Lima appeals to me greatly…I love big cities!  The colourful architecture and historic significance of Lima is pretty darn impressive along with more churches than you can poke a stick at (I love churches), museums, art galleries and beaches…I’ve told G we are going…and it’s not worth arguing about as I’m going to win. (image credit)


The Belmond Miraflores Park is Lima’s top hotel and with a location to boot; right beside the Pacific Ocean…hello amazing sunsets.  I may need to stay here when we’re about to leave Peru so that I could hit all the shops which are located within walking distance of the hotel.


Machu Picchu

I don’t think I need to say why I want to visit this ancient wonder…I’ve just ordered a few books to learn more about Machu Picchu and the Incas (The Last Days of the Incas, Lost City of the Incas and Turn Right at Machu Picchu) as this area wasn’t really covered in my high school history class but I want to learn more. (image credit)


If I’m visiting Machu Picchu then there is only one hotel that I want to stay at and that’s the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge…as it’s the only hotel located adjacent to the famous citadel so it means you can visit Machu Picchu in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s crowd free…well worth the extra pennies for a once in a lifetime visit.  This is probably the one hotel that I would happily splurge on if I was still backpacking…location, location, location!



Cusco is a base used by many to visit Machu Picchu; the architecture and the history of the area has really drawn me into visiting the city.  Apparently Cusco is great for textile shopping (I will need to do some research on how good the shoe shopping is though)…I like to shop while on holiday…sue me! (image credit)


Now Belmond have two luxury hotels in Cusco so choosing which one to stay in would be difficult…I’ve got itchy feet so it’s a possibility that I would book a night in each…much to the annoyance of G I’m sure but my mind would go into overdrive thinking that I’ve potentially missed out on something better in the other hotel…I told you Peru is making me go crazy!

The Belmond Hotel Monasterio is situated right in the heart of Cusco and is located in a former monastery and the rooms are enriched with oxygen to help it’s guests acclimatise to the high altitude.  Staying at this luxury hotel would be like spending a night inside a beautiful museum…all that history encased inside a beautiful hotel = bliss.


Now the other choice would be the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas and is one of Cusco’s most exclusive hotels located in a former covent and get this…the hotel features Inca Walls and colonial frescoes.


Decision, decision…which one would you stay in?

Sacred Valley

Obviously I would need to see more Inca Ruins than just Machu Picchu so the Sacred Valley is the place to be…how blooming gorgeous does the Sacred Valley look…I would definitely be taking my hiking boots with me! (image credit)


I should point out that this post isn’t an advert for Belmond; it’s just that their hotels in Peru appeal to me greatly. The Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado looks to be a relaxing oasis located on the banks of Urubamba River…a perfect place to escape too for a few nights rest and relaxation.


^^I think I could rock that hammock…like I did in Malaysia…without falling out!


So Peru…I’m coming for you!


Disclaimer: A big thank you to the lovely folks at Belmond for letting me use their hotel images for this post.

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