Weight: 96.0 kgs

“Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 25, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

A huge increase this week however I’m taking it all on the nose; my period has started…the hope that the coil would potentially stop my periods hasn’t materialised and am feeling very bloated in the process so am sure the weight will hopefully come down next week.  Would love to hear about your experiences with the coil…my hair has also started to fall out in clumps as well and I have lumps all over my boobies and underarms for a few days every 10 days or so…anyone else suffered from these symptoms with the coil?

Shake Your Booty

I managed to do some walking on the treadmill until it got all a bit too hot in England…G ended up buying us an air conditioning unit…best decision ever!  Then I thought I would try doing kettle bells on Friday morning and have been in pain ever since…big mistake.

What I’m Up Too…

So I went for a little tiki tour to Northamptonshire to wander around the Coton Manor Gardens (blog post will be published on Tuesday and I have a few more scheduled…it feels so weird to see scheduled posts!)…and managed to take the wrong exit from a round about however got to see this cute little pub from 1620 so a total silver lining for my wrong turn…

England Travel Inspiration - The famous Althorp Coaching Inn serving since 1620 Northamptonshire

…and how cute are these little houses.

England Travel Inspiration - thatched cottage in Northamptonshire

I’d forgotten how pretty Northamptonshire really is!

I’m back in the office tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it but I’m only allowed to work 4 hours a day as per the instructions from the company doctor. It will be lovely to escape the house and to see a some of my work friends again.

I’ve managed to book a few flights to Europe for August and September so I can see my folks and sister as they travel around Europe so that should be fun.  I’m flying Wizz Air and somehow my profile is set to a male and I can’t change it…I dread to think how much this is going to cost me to change.

G and I need to use up a British Airways companion voucher before October and we are struggling to work out where to go…we know Europe isn’t a great use of the companion ticket however we have another 3 sitting against our profiles to use at a later date so we have decided to burn it on a flight within Europe or maybe North Africa.  So we are thinking of a trip somewhere in Europe…any suggestions?  I was thinking of Rhodes however struggling to find seats!


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Weight: 94.7 kgs

“Time did not compose her” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 24, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

A slight increase which I don’t mind about; I’m eating more which is good thing as it gives me more energy.

Shake Your Booty

I’m feeling a tad more active with each day; I managed to do 20 minutes of yoga on Friday and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill yesterday…slowly…but it was good to be able to get moving again even if it was slowly.

What I’m Up Too…

I went back to work on Tuesday after over a month off, I was excited to be going back to work (weirdo I know!)…first stop was seeing the company doctor who then recommended I work from home for the next two weeks doing half days…I’m sick of our house at the moment so I felt like I was getting banished back to my little tower…but then realised that driving and work was just going to wear me out pronto…which it did…along with suffering from a total lack of concentration.  I’ll get there, baby steps and realising what I am currently capable of which isn’t a lot!

I had a blog post which I thought I had scheduled to go out during the week…it was finished but I had forgotten to schedule it…doh…concentration levels are appalling.

Work then told me to have Friday off as part of my phased return…which was then promptly used to get a MOT for my car which was due *coughs* in April…seriously, where was my letter to remind me!  Dropped the car off, gave him my keys…walked out of the workshop…walked back in a minute later after realising my house keys were on the keyring…such a wally with a capital W!

G’s mum took me out the yesterday afternoon to visit a pretty little garden in Silsoe, Bedfordshire…it was a thatched cottage with the most beautiful little garden which was open as part of the National Garden Scheme which is a charity run event that raises money for various nursing charities and it’s celebrating it’s 90th anniversary this year…you can check out what gardens are open in your area here

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 24, 2017

…and most will have cakes to snack on as well…pretty roses, gluten free cake and a lady playing a harp in the garden…all very English I must say!

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 24, 2017

^^My Boden dress that matched the floral tablecloth rather well and let me fit in a piece of gluten free cake with ease!

Anyway enough of my babbling…time for lunch.


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Weight: 94.3 kgs

“It was a delightful visit; perfect, in being much too short.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 23, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

Another decrease of the old weight which I’m not complaining out…my weight was even lower again late last week…unfortunately my GP is now worried about why I’m losing so much weight so quickly, apparently it is to much even after an operation.

Shake Your Booty

No exercise at all…maybe this week…maybe not.

What I’m Up Too…

Obviously I’m late with my weekly diary blog post…I didn’t lose any sleep over it!

Last year was shit and writing a blog post just didn’t come naturally to me so I parked the blog bar my weekly diary posts (these are posts I write for myself) and a few travel posts in between when I felt inspired which didn’t happen often…the same thing has happened in 2017.

The past few mornings I’ve woken up actually feeling refreshed…and that’s not a word I use often…I normally wake up feeling nauseous and suffering from serious brain fog and that’s how I tackle the day in that state…needless to say I take a no prisoners approach to my day.

This week I’ve learnt what is causing the constant nausea…my colon…once you know, things get a little less stressful and I’m thankful that my colon and I are going to be looked after by a great team at St Marks Hospital in London going forward that specialise in genetic colon diseases.  I get to have another colonoscopy very soon…two in a year…unfortunately I am showing colon cancer symptoms again.

Health is so important and when it starts slipping away you do lose part of yourself…I lost my confidence as my periods were so heavy I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to anymore…2 operations in 2017 later and I’m free of fibroids; I thought I was going crazy as GP’s kept telling me things were all in my head which they weren’t and I lost my ability to really give a shit about people and life in general and that’s a really horrible feeling to have…nothing worse than disliking people as their life looks just to “easy” from the outside.

Tomorrow I am back to work after over a month off on sick leave…it’s a weird feeling to think I’m going back to work now…I don’t feel like I’ve had over 4 weeks off but I have…it feels like I have blinked and lost a few weeks somewhere.

Moral of the Story – Health is Wealth!

Anyway enough of my babbling…time for dinner.


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Weight: 95.1 kgs

“You have another long walk before you.” – Jane Austen, Emma

Kelly Michelle's Diary Week 22, 2017

My Life Goal, ze Weight

A slight decrease this week which I suppose is to do with the fasting from the operation and just feeling a bit out of sorts when it comes to food overall (I really could do with eating some liquorice all sorts to fix my out of sorts problem but they aren’t gluten free!)…all I fancy eating is ice and ice blocks…and curly wurlys!

Shake Your Booty

No exercise at all, my joints especially my knees and hips are giving me such grief and this could be to do with the iron deficiency…I’m meant to be resting which includes no exercise…I’m gazing at my treadmill thinking I really want to turn you on…that’s how bored I am!

What I’m Up Too…

Nothing…getting told off by everyone for not resting…getting pissed off at everyone as they keep asking me how I am…how the fuck do you think I am…I’m stuck inside, can’t move very fast, have a throbbing headache, feel like someone has punched me in the uterus and I’m fucking still bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, in a really lovely mood…can you tell?!?  Not sleeping very well isn’t helping either…I would love to be sitting outside in the sunshine however I constantly overheat when I come in contact with the sun and then start to bleed heavily…thankfully some cooler weather has arrived as warm weather when you’re feeling really sick just makes you feel even worse.

I’ve tried to colour in…had a tantrum with myself as I got bored…tried to read a book…can’t get past two pages as my concentration levels are fully out of whack…have managed to watch a few dvds this weekend which is the best I can do…but am over dvds now.  A work friend suggested crochet…I don’t think I’m a crochet kind of girl myself but never say never.

I did have my operation to remove all my fibroids on Tuesday so I’m now officially fibroid free for the first time in 7 years; thankfully I didn’t bleed while they were doing all the prep work prior to the operation…got into the theatre to have the General and boom, I flood.  I went to sleep not knowing if they would carry out the operation or not, thankfully Neela did…and I’m now the proud owner of a coil for 6 months which will hopefully stop the cells from growing back in the short term…fingers crossed.

G and I are taking a lovely road trip to St Mark’s Hospital in London tomorrow for my first visit to see a specialist about my dodgy colon…if she asks for blood, I will be putting my hand up and asking for some myself…the professor that I’m seeing specialises in rare genetic colon diseases so hopefully she will be able to get to the bottom of my 14 polyps that they removed in January…excuse the pun!

I’m super ready for a holiday or even to just go back to work…which should be Tuesday but as G has told me…that isn’t very likely in my current state.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m going around the bend with boredom!

Before my hair cut on Friday I decided to have a pedicure (I normally have one every fortnight) but haven’t had one lately due to the hospital visits (no nail polish allowed!)...so I thought this would be a nice treat…wrong…firstly I wore a skirt…pedicures and skirts are not a good mixture…to be honest, after fretting for a few moments that I was flashing everyone, I decided that enough people had seen my fanny on Tuesday so why not add a few more to the Kelly Fanny Clan on the Friday!  You do use your stomach muscles when having a pedicure…I’m not sure why but I do…it really wasn’t as relaxing as I thought it was going to be but silver lining, my toes look respectable and pretty again.

I will point out that this post has taken two days to write…I’m off to hit my head against a pretty grey wall!

Sharing is Caring…

I thought I would share a few things as this post is becoming a right old pity party to say the least.

This post made me chuckle…probably the title really…“Exposing the Instagram Mafia”…it’s actually about the instagram comment pods and how they are trying to boost engagement however what they are creating is fake engagement…just not purchased fake engagement…at the end of the day, fake engagement is fake engagement, purchased or not!  To be fair, I’m totally over the bull shit that is instagram and am just waiting until the new platform comes along which it will do shortly.

This article also made me laugh…it would be something I would do…coffee shop rage at it’s finest!  The comments are pretty hilarious as well…almost as good as the Daily Mail commenters to be honest.

Then my little sister Lisa sent me this link with audio from New Zealand…when overseas scammers accidentally call the New Zealand Police…it’s quite funny to listen to, G and I were in giggles…I love his kiwi accent as well.

Anyway enough of my babbling…I’m going to sit and stare into space again.


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